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Brazil Oil and Gas Shipbuilding Investment

The new program, launched by Transpetro – Petrobras’ oil transportation company – entails the fleet renewal and construction of 25 vessels over the next eight years. Transpetro estimates the first bid will be published by January 2024. The new program is called TP25 to highlight Transpetro’s 25th anniversary and the number of vessels within the scope. 

The program will focus on gas carriers and tankers such as the MR1 and MR2 vessels already used by Petrobras.  Transpetro indicated that Brazilian shipyards would not compete in pricing with Chinese shipyards because the program intends to boost and strengthen the local shipbuilding industry and generate new jobs. 

Transpetro operates 49 terminals, 8,500 kilometers of pipeline and 36 vessels. It is the largest multimodal oil logistics company in Latin America. Transpetro is open to international partners and suppliers of services and equipment.  Energy efficiency and innovation across all operations are paramount and present business opportunities to U.S. suppliers. 

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