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Brazil is a mining sector global powerhouse, long occupying a place among the top five mineral producers in the world and possessing proven reserves of several strategic commodities. Considering less than 50% of the territory is geologically mapped, Brazil has considerable opportunities for mining growth and U.S. export potential. 

Brazil is the world’s second largest producer of iron ore, manganese, tantalite, and bauxite. Brazil continues to be the world’s top producer of niobium.The Rio de Janeiro-based mining giant Vale is the world’s largest iron ore producer and the world’s third largest mining company overall. Other important minerals from the Brazilian mining sector include gold, kaolin, nickel, coal and phosphates.

Opportunities for U.S. Companies: 

  • Mining equipment and specialty mining services: Heavy equipment, autonomous trucks, earth moving machines, belt conveyors, crushers, grinding equipment, laboratory instruments, drilling machines, engineering services and geological survey systems. 
  • Equipment and maintenance services for exploration, drilling, mapping, and extraction processes.  
  • Innovative technology for sustainable waste reuse, dam tailings and monitoring solutions, consulting services for abandoned mines, and mine closures, water treatment and IT/AI solutions (Mining 4.0). 
  • Underground mining equipment and service providers: Underground mining is in a development phase in Brazil.  U.S. companies have an opportunity to enter the market at an early phase. 

Each year Brazil hosts a major mining sector event in Latin America: The Brazilian Mining Exhibit and Conference (EXPOSIBRAM) in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. The event gathers the most important industry sector specialists and mining companies in the world to discuss trends in the domestic and global markets. U.S. companies interested in meeting mining companies, suppliers, researchers, government officials and other specialists should consider attending the event to learn more about the market.

This year it will be held from September 12-15, 2022, at the Expominas Exhibition Center in Belo Horizonte. We encourage interested parties to take advantage of the dynamism of the Brazilian mining sector by discussing the sector and opportunities for events with our Rio de Janeiro-based commercial specialist.

Registrations for EXPOSIBRAM are free of charge.

For more information contact Patrick Levy, Commercial Specialist – US Commercial Service, Rio de Janeiro at