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Brazil Market for Chemicals

Brazil’s demand for chemical imports remains extremely high, presenting opportunities for U.S. companies.

U.S. chemical suppliers account for roughly 16% of Brazil’s annual chemical imports. Brazilian two-way trade in the chemical industry in the past three years (in US billions) is as follows: 

Year Imports Exports Defict
2018 US$ 43.3  US$ 13.7 US$ 29.6
2019 US$ 44.1 US$ 12.6  US$ 31.5
2020 US$ 41.4 US$ 10.9  US$ 30.5

Source: Brazilian Chemical Industry Association (ABIQUIM)

During this period of heightened demand, U.S. exporters have a great opportunity to increase their market share versus international competitors and should consider Brazil when looking to expand their market footprint abroad.

CS Brazil has identified 5 sub-sectors that present particularly advantageous opportunities for U.S. suppliers: pharmaceuticals, inorganics, organics, resins and pesticides. However, there is still considerable potential to be explored in other sub-sectors as well.

In the past 30 years, Brazilian chemical imports have increased by more than 1,200%.  Traditionally, the Brazilian chemical industry has been very receptive to American chemicals imports. Both Brazilian importers and distributors are continually seeking new suppliers, particularly from the United States, which enjoys a reputation for high quality products coupled with often competitive prices.

Currently, fertilizers remain the product with the highest demand, amounting to roughly US$ 8 billion and 31 million tons imported in 2020. Brazil also imports several other chemical products (raw materials) such as: potassium chloride, urea, monoamonic or monoamoniacal phosphate, immunological products, insecticides, mediation containing nitrogenated heterocyclic, fungicides, herbicides, vaccines, ammonium sulfate, caustic soda, among others.

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