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Brazil Lithium Opportunities

Due to the growing demand for minerals to support the energy transition from fossil-based systems, local governments are providing incentives to support expanded lithium mining activities.
Demand for products, technology, and services related to lithium mining has increased dramatically in Brazil as lithium has become a critical resource for companies and the Brazilian government. U.S. companies specializing in mining technology and services should consider taking advantage of the growing demand for lithium as the resource fuels transformation into clean energy technology.
There is a particularly high demand for geo-mapping consultants in the “Vale do Lítio” region in the state of Minas Gerais, where the mineral is found in abundance and where mapping has become an investment priority for the local government. The Lithium Valley Region already has one U.S. company actively exploring the mineral and there is room for more companies to explore opportunities in the region through geo-mapping services, equipment sales, and mining technology.

Although lithium is not directly used in the development of semiconductor chips, the resource is a critical element in the batteries that fuel clean energy devices. Going forward, further advancements in semiconductor technology will be essential to enable a new wave of transformative technologies, including Artificial Intelligence (AI), 5G, and autonomous electric vehicles.
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