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Brazil farm show AGRISHOW offers opportunities for launching sophisticated U.S. equipment that improves the quality and yield of crops while reducing costs to a market of 330 M/T of grain.
The strength in Brazil’s agricultural sector means that there is a growing demand for high-technology agricultural equipment and services. The Brazilian agribusiness GDP was responsible for 25% of Brazil’s GDP, and is expected to increase 2.5% in 2023. The sector represents 48% of Brazilian exports (or US$ 159 billion) and employs nearly 20% of Brazil’s workforce.

AGRISHOW 2024 is the premier fair for agricultural machinery and equipment in Brazil. The event takes place April 29 through May 3rd, 2024, in Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo state. This annual show is a platform for companies to showcase state-of-the-art agricultural equipment, irrigation equipment and related services, rural communication systems, precision agriculture technology, pumps, fertilizers, storage, and related goods and services.
U.S. Commercial Service Belo Horizonte offers matchmaking services during this event that brings 800 exhibitors (40 US exhibitors), and 195,000+ small, medium, and large rural growers from all regions of Brazil, and Latin America. Last year, U.S. companies who used this service were successfully matched with new business at the show. The US Commercial Service can make these connections happen for your business this year! 
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