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Australia's Green Hydrogen Future

The newly elected Australian government has committed to accelerate clean energy transition efforts and will commit to cutting emissions by 43 percent by 2030. State governments across Australia are making significant investments to develop green and blue hydrogen industries. Several green and blue hydrogen projects, which are aided by significant funding at all levels of government, are showing promising results for the commercial and saleable production of hydrogen as fuel and as a green energy source.  

The viability of Australia’s future as an exporter of green energy is currently dependent on the large-scale commercial development of hydrogen, focusing primarily on green and blue production. Australia is seeking to become a world-leading hydrogen producer and has the potential to be a global hydrogen exporter.  

There are three areas where U.S. companies can support the Australian Hydrogen ecosystem: infrastructure, transportation and innovative technology. Innovation in hydrogen technologies is rapidly improving, and there is an opportunity for U.S. companies to be part of Australia’s future of large-scale production of hydrogen.

Government organizations Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) and Geoscience Australia catalogue hydrogen projects around Australia.  

Key projects are underway in the following Australian states:

  • Victoria: Hydrogen research and production projects are also underway in Victoria. Two green hydrogen projects in the state are 1) Hydrogen Fuels Australia and 2) Hydrogen Park Murray Valley, a joint venture by French and Australian companies Engie and AGIG.  
  • Tasmania: The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) announced project Hydrogen Tasmania.  
  • Queensland: Queensland government has invested over $1.4 billion to develop its hydrogen sector and capitalize on the states ownership of its electricity disctrubtion. New South Wales: The NSW government has also commited 50 million to create hydrogen hubs that have attracted almost $2.9 billion in potential investment.
  • Western Australia: WA has 28 hydrogen projects, eleven of which are “clean,” meaning green (4), yellow (2), turquoise (2), or blue (3).  
  • South Australia: One project already producing hydrogen is Hydrogen Park South Australia, a $8.36 million demonstration facility at the Tonsley Innovation District in the capital city, Adelaide.  

For more information on Hydrogen projects and the Australian market contact the U.S. Commercial Service in Australia: