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Australia's Defense Spending 2023-2033

Australia  has a public strategy to acquire approx. USD 190 Billion in new defense systems in the ten years to 2030 and as of September 2021 has also committed to a strengthened trilateral security partnership that will accelerate technology development with the U.K. and the U.S. (AUKUS).

The AUKUS initiative aims to foster collaborative development initially in the areas of quantum technologies, cyber, artificial intelligence and undersea technologies. A key military objective is to jointly facilitate the acquisition by Australia of nuclear-powered submarines, including their construction in Australia. 

In April 2022 AUKUS leaders announced additional areas of collaboration would include hypersonic and counter-hypersonic capabilities, electronic warfare, innovation and information sharing. Working groups have been formed to commence trilateral activities but funding commitments and specific projects are yet to be announced as at September 2022.
As a new government emerged from the May 2022 federal election, future expenditure and program priorities are being revisited.

A Strategic Defence Review  commenced in August 2022 and will present its report to the Australian Government for its consideration no later than March 2023. It will focus on the decade thru to 2033. Australia is known to be considering increasing its purchases of the F35 Joint Strike Fighter from 72 to 100 and is showing interest in both the B-21 bomber and Future Vertical Lift capability. Australia prioritizes interoperability with the U.S. military and as this becomes more entrenched ‘interchangeability’ is increasingly being mentioned to describe the closer operational relationship.

A large U.S. exhibitor presence (100+) is planned for the Avalon 2023 Airshow outside Melbourne, Australia including a U.S. Pavilion and many U.S. state-sponsored booths. Scheduled for the first week of March 2023 this will be well-timed to position U.S. defense companies for success against the new ten year acquisition plan.
For more information on new directions in Australian defense spending please contact the U.S. Commercial Service in Australia: