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The value of Australia’s total Industrial Robotics market is estimated at USD620 million.  Compared to markets like Korea and Japan, the use of industrial robotics in Australia is relatively limited, particularly in industries outside of manufacturing.  However, the Australian Government has been actively promoting the development and adoption of robotics and automation technologies.  

Reflecting the country’s strong R & D capabilities, Australian companies have also been designing new robotic technologies and applications. There is potential for an uptake in the coming years particularly as Australia seeks to shore up its own manufacturing capabilities.

In the short to medium term, demand will continue to be driven by factors such as increasing labor costs and the need to improve productivity and efficiency in manufacturing.  Globally, the automotive and electronics industries are two major end-users.  However, these two industry sectors are very small in Australia. Another restrictive factor is the relatively higher number of SMEs that exist within the manufacturing sector.  Automation does not always allow these types of companies to achieve the economies of scale that larger manufacturers can.

The largest potential for increased industrial robotic adoption is to be found in Australia’s mining, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and aerospace sectors. There are an estimated 780 active mines, 295 food product manufacturing facilities, 200 beverage manufacturing sites and 17 pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities nationally. 

Within food and beverage manufacturing specific opportunities exist for packaging, palletizing and materials handling solutions.  For aerospace, demand exists for solutions around drilling, milling, welding and other tasks requiring precision and accuracy.

Overall, the market for industrial robotic technology in Australia is expected to continue to grow in the coming years, driven by the need for greater efficiency, productivity, and cost savings in manufacturing and other industries.

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