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Industry reports that the Toyota Tundra will be sold in the Australian market as early as 2024. There has been steady growth in the full-size truck market over the last few years, and Toyota will now join Ford, Ram and GM competing for a share on the local market.

The Tundra will be converted locally by Walkinshaw Automotive Group. It is a fully Toyota-backed initiative with the Trucks intended to be sold through Toyota’s dealer network. It will be sold only with the twin-turbo hybrid V6 powertrain. 

Walkinshaw also converts GM’s Silverado as well as RAM’s 1500 in its Melbourne facility. Ford is using Thailand-based RMA Group to handle its left to right-hand conversion in Ford’s old manufacturing facility in Broadmeadows, Victoria. 

Industry experts estimate that more than 2,100 Silverado’s have been sold in the local market since 2020. Over 20,000 RAMs have been sold locally over a similar period.

In comparison, over 100,000 Toyota HiLux and Ford Rangers were sold in the Australian market in 2022.