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Argentina: Cybersecurity Solutions

There is growing awareness of the importance of cybersecurity across Argentina.

With a well-educated and tech-savvy population, there is growing awareness of the importance of cybersecurity across Argentina.  Public and private entities within the country are experiencing cyber-attacks more regularly, and while some statistics exist to attempt to track local cybercrime trends, a vast majority of cases are unreported or not adequately documented.  Therefore, U.S. cybersecurity companies that can help track threats and protect company and government information should consider exploring the Argentine market.  

According to the National Argentine Cybersecurity Office, in 2021, Argentine companies invested more than $60 million in cybersecurity, representing a 10 percent annual increase, and 85 percent of Argentine companies report that they plan to invest in cybersecurity over the next four years.  Moreover, in 2022 the Argentine Ministry of Security created a new Federal Cybersecurity Force to train and equip public entities with the latest technologies to fight cyber-attacks.  

The top cyber-related challenges in Argentina are phishing, ransomware, malware or espionage, and security risks resulting from the use of social networks, IoT, or BYOD, and Big Data. The leading sectors for cybersecurity in Argentina include banking, energy (particularly within oil & gas), telecommunications, manufacturing, retail, and very recently the public sector.

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