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Angola From Clean to Cleaner

Angola is fast moving towards 70% of clean energy in its energy matrix. Angola is a country where its water resources play in favor of its electricity production. As such, its power matrix is one of the cleanest, but it lacks transmission lines throughout the country – only 42 percent of the population as access to electricity. President Lourenço announced during the UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow that Angola would reach the target of 70 percent clean energy production by 2025, and the Angolan State is currently focused on realizing that goal.

According to updated data from Angolan entities, Angola already has 62 percent of its energy coming from clean sources, mostly from hydro projects installed since 2019. Solar energy only currently adds about 14 MW. This reality will change radically in the coming years, given that several solar projects have been approved by the Government of Angola. Thee new projects will help the country towards its 70 percent renewable energy goals. Angola expects solar projects to generate more than 1 GW of power in the coming years - adding to the power generated at two large hydroelectric development projects (Caculo-Cabaca 2GW and Baynes 300MW).

Angola hopes to be able to take advantage of the US$2 billion in financing announced by President Joe Biden during the G7 Summit. Changes are expected in Angola to its electricity production paradigm. Although some projects are in the realm of mini grids for regions where there is no access to electricity, other opportunities for the development of energy distribution and transport projects are expected to open in the next few years.

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