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Market Intelligence
Ukraine Franchise Market

Ukraine franchising market is growing consistently. Learn about promising franchise niches, industry potential and opportunities in Ukraine. 

Franchising Ukraine Trade Practices
Market Intelligence
Ukraine Renewable Energy Market

Renewable energy generation is a key priority for the Ukrainian energy sector.

Renewable Energy Ukraine
Market Intelligence
Ukraine International Student Education

Canada is the U.S.’ primary competitor in recruiting Ukrainians to study in primary and higher education programs.

Education Ukraine
Market Intelligence
Ukraine Defense Procurement

Ukraine has taken steps to create a competitive and transparent environment in the arms and military hardware market.

Aerospace and Defense Ukraine International Cooperation
Market Intelligence
Ukraine Cybersecurity Assistance

Cybersecurity assistance will boost Ukraine’s cyber workforce development and regulatory reforms.

Information and Communication Technology Ukraine Information Management
Market Intelligence
Ukraine Infrastructure Plan

Ukraine’s plan to modernize and repair the country’s transportation infrastructure envisions a budget of $60 billion to be invested in roads, railways, airports, and sea ports.

Building Products Ukraine Air Transport
Market Intelligence
Ukraine Agricultural Machinery and Equipment

In Ukraine there are significant opportunities for U.S. suppliers of agricultural machinery and equipment.

Agribusiness Ukraine Trade Development
Market Intelligence
Ukraine Adopts Land Reform

Ukraine’s land reform opens opportunities for the modernization of irrigation systems. 

Agribusiness Ukraine