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U.S. Commercial Service Offices in Kenya
The U.S. Commercial Service has offices in Nairobi.

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If your company needs export assistance, begin with your local U.S. Commercial Service in the United States. Our trade professionals are in more than 100 locations nationwide and can help coordinate with our overseas offices.

Trade Specialists at our Office in Kenya are available to help your company identify trade opportunities and local potential trading partners within their respective industry sectors. 

U.S. Commercial Service 
American Embassy Nairobi
U.N Avenue Gigiri
P.O. Box 606 Village Market 00621 Nairobi
Phone: 254 20 3636000 ext 6424

Feleke Assefa
Senior Commercial Officer 
Phone: +254-20-3636066

Joshua Startup
Commercial Officer 
Phone: +254-20-363-6728

Liaison for Uganda and Rwanda on Commercial Issues

Mary Masyuko
Senior Commercial Specialist
Phone: +254-20-363-6063

Industries: Aircraft/Aircraft Parts, Airport/Ground Building Products, Support Equipment, Architectural /Engineering SVC, Biotechnology, Electrical Power Systems, Oil/Gas Field Machinery, Oil/Gas/Mineral Prod/Explore Serv., Railroad Equipment, Renewable Energy Equipment, Water & Environmental Technologies.

Janet Mwangi
Commercial Specialist 
Phone: 254-20-363-6725

Industries: Biotechnology, Computer/Services/Software/Peripherals, E-commerce, Telecommunications Eq./Services, Healthcare Services, Dental Eq./Medical Eq., Drugs/ Pharmaceuticals/Laboratory Scientific Instruments 

Catherine Malinda
Commercial Assistant
Phone : 254-20-363-6064

Industries: Agriculture/Chemical, machinery, products & services/Cold-chain, Education/Training services/Books/Periodicals, Hotel/Restaurant Eq., Textile/Fabrics, Furniture/Business Eq. (Non-Computer), Process Controls-Industrial, Jewelry, Leather/Fur products. 

Judy Nyokabi Magondu
Commercial Assistant
Phone: 254-20-363-6400

Industries: Consumer/Electronics/Personal Care, Apparel and Footwear, Franchising, Professional Services, Travel and Tourism, Furniture. 

Leone Mutoka
Commercial Assistant 
Phone: 254-20-363-6438

Industries: Defense Industry Eq./Security/Safety Eq., Printing/Packaging, Broadcasting/Entertainment/Media/Publishing, Marine/Boats/Seafood, Industrial Machines & Chemicals, Plastics, Automotive/Transportation. 

Dorice Egesa
Budget & Administrative Specialist
Phone: 254-20-363-6723

John Osura
Administrative Clerk
Phone: 254-20-363-6061