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Italy Frequently Asked Questions
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Italy FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Italy General Questions

The U.S. Commercial Service in Italy prepares industry specific market research reports that can be found in the Market Research Library.  Furthermore, the U.S. Commercial Service in Italy offers Customized Market Research to specifically fit your needs.  Finally, the Country Commercial Guide offers further information on how to do business in the Italian market.

The U.S. Commercial Service in Italy uses a variety of resources, including in-country databases and local expertise, to provide you with import statistics and list of potential importers for your product.  An overview of the Italian market can be found in our Country Commercial Guide.  For more information, please contact one of our specialists.

The American Chamber of Commerce in Italy produces a number of publications every year, including a listing of American organizations in Italy.  For further details, please visit AmCham Italy.

An International Trade Specialist at your nearest Export Assistance Center can assist you to obtain market information and provide information about the wide range of U.S. Commercial Service export promotion programs and services.

The U.S. Commercial Service in Italy offers a variety of services and tools to help U.S. exporters find partners.  Please refer to our “Find Business Partners in Italy” section for a list of our services - or directly contact one of our Commercial Specialists.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture, Foreign Agricultural Trade Office at the Embassy assists U.S. exporters of agricultural products.  Please contact

We do not provide assistance for exports from Italy to the United States.  Italian Trade Agency (ITA) may be able to help you, or you can contact the American Chamber of Commerce Italy.

Many U.S. states have an economic development office somewhere in Europe.  Please visit the website of the Council of American States in Europe for more information, or contact our SelectUSA Investment Specialist Andrea Rosa at

Please visit the U.S. Embassy’s entry and visa website or send an inquiry to

We do not deal with customs regulations for shipments to the United States.  Please see U.S. Bureau of Customs and Border Protection for more information.

We do not deal with customs regulations for shipments to Italy.  Please see the Italian Customs Authority for more information.