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Aerospace and Defense Trade Mission
Romania & Poland
November 12-17, 2023

Indo Defense – Aerospace and Defense Trade Mission to Indonesia


The U.S. Department of Commerce is organizing an Aerospace and Defense Trade Mission to the Indonesia October 31 - November 4, 2022.  We are pleased to introduce the U.S. company delegation below.




BAE Systems, Inc. provides support and service solutions for current and future defense, intelligence, and civilian systems; designs, develops, and manufactures a wide range of electronic systems and subsystems for both military and commercial applications; produces specialized security and protection products; and designs develops, produces, and provides service support of armored combat vehicles, artillery systems, and munitions.

Website: www.baesystems.com





Bell Helicopter is an industry-leading producer of commercial and military vertical lift aircraft and the pioneer of the revolutionary tiltrotor aircraft. Globally recognized for world-class customer service, innovation, and superior quality, Bell Helicopter’s global workforce serves customers flying Bell Helicopter aircraft in more than 120 countries.

Website: www.bellflight.com

Black Sage

Black Sage is a multi-mission platform provider of Counter Unmanned Aircraft Systems (CUAS) and security solutions serving military, internal security, and critical infrastructure protection missions.

Our open architecture DefenseOS® command and control software together with the company’s Sawtooth™ modular hardware platform has integrated over 40 sensor and effector systems. Black Sage’s open architecture and modular counter UAS systems ensure our customers will be able to address current and future UAS threats.

Website: https://blacksagetech.com/

Capella Space

A Synthetic Aperture Radar Satellite imaging company in the US. We mainly provide a platform to have access to our own satellite images, we also do direct access and satellite manufacturing. Our unique selling point is currently the only one in the market providing a 50cm ground resolution SAR image.

An easy-to-use web-based platform for all archives & tasking capability, fast and timely delivery of SAR images. Analytics are available on the platform itself. Image on the ground, any time any weather, regardless of cloud situation.

Website: https://www.capellaspace.com/

gen x arms

Gen X Arms & Ammunition was started by Michael H Blank, former CEO of the Sharps Rifle Company, LLC and sole designer of the 25-45 Sharps and sole inventor on the patents for the for both the Symmetrical non-jamming rifle bolt and non-Symmetrical non-jamming rifle bolt offered by the current incarnation of Mr. Blank’s former company.

Gen X Arms & Ammunition lives up to its trademark Xtreme Innovation® and the Invinci-Bolt is just the beginning. There is an entire bolt carrier group that is to follow, and despite the long time it has been waiting on the drawing board, and many have picked up elements of its design, it is still packed with innovative features a full decade after it was first drawn out. It includes a firing pin designed to resist the carbon build up experienced when using a suppressor. We’ve also brought our innovation to the completely overlooked barrel extension. You won’t find a slicker combination than our complete bolt carrier group nesting into our custom barrel extension. 

Beyond firearms, Gen X has also brought major innovations to ammunition as well. Our 375 KO operates in the tradition M4/AR15 form factor. It’s initial and retained energy bests the feared 9x39mm and outright embarrasses the 300 Blackout. Our 8x38mm also fits the M4/AR15 form factor and delivers performance that lags a full size 308 by only about 10 percent with much less recoil in a much lighter platform. We even have a bullet design that got held up by the government in the patenting process while they decided if we could even publicly disclose it, that is now patented and ready to be released. 

By far our most significant innovation in ammunition is the replacement of marking during the heading process via the bunter with a laser that can custom mark any case up to and after loading. Further, our patents cover the marking not only of the head, but anywhere on the body. This can include anything from enlarged caliber markings, to markings for events, to codification for military and law enforcement so their ammunition can be tracked allowing for traceability. The same patented technology also covers marking projectiles as well. Gen X Arms & Ammunition is currently seeking sources for basic cases, which combined with our patented process, can allow us to produce any low production, obsolete, or wildcat cartridge based on those basic cases. 

Gen X Arms & Ammunition will never rest on its past accomplishments. We have a super smooth bolt action coming which will be paired with our barrel technology that gives you a bore so smooth it has to be measured in millionths of an inch as microns are just way too big. We are always seeking ways to improve our products and come up with meaningful innovations to improve the performance and overall experience of the shooting community. 

Gen X Arms & Ammunition believes that the more we innovate, the stronger we are as an industry as well, so Gen X is always willing to partner with other manufacturers, new or old, and does license it’s technology to select partners. We will also assist others in their attempts to innovate by bringing our expertise to bear through whatever contractual relationship is found to be beneficial to all parties. 

Website: https://www.gxaa.com/


Hughes Satellite Broadband internet connectivity solutions for Land, Aero, and Maritime whether it is fixed, moving vehicles, manpack, UAV, helicopters, or ships that need internet via satellite.

Website: https://www.hughes.com/

iaccess technologies

iAccess provides an upgrade of cockpit and avionics, installation of wire harness, commercial and military civil certification, flight software, avionics software GPS and autopilot. The offered solutions are developed to meet civil and/or military certifications. Our highly skilled engineering team is experienced in developing safety-critical hardware and software systems for all types of aircraft.

The unique selling proposition is that we provide agnostic solutions at the lowest price, independent of a single OEM to drive affordable long-term support.

Website: www.iaccesstech.com

Persistent Technologies

Persistent Systems offers a secure and scalable mobile networking capability based on its cutting-edge Wave Relay MANET Technology. Persistent’s products provide a total solution consisting of voice, video, and situational awareness to mobile users with no reliance on fixed infrastructure. For more than a decade, Persistent has been a pioneer in developing advanced MANET technology and commercializing it in the Defense and Industrial sectors.

Website: www.persistentsystems.com

Sierra Nevada Corp

SNC is a prime integrator of high-quality integrated mission systems. SNC brings technology, innovation, affordability, and high-impact solutions to areas of C2, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (C4ISR); electronic warfare; navigation and landing systems, key management systems, and big data management

Website: www.sncorp.com


SS8 Networks is an expert in lawful intelligence gathering and location-based services. As criminal groups and extremist organizations become more sophisticated and technologically aware, it is important that those who protect us are able to stay one step ahead.

SS8’s platforms enable communications service providers (CSPs), law enforcement agencies (LEAs), and government & intelligence bodies to collect, analyze and visualize complex digital information. By providing advanced lawful intercept, location intelligence and data forensics solutions, we help catch criminals, stop organized crime, and prevent terror attacks.

Mission: As a leader in Lawful Intelligence, our goal is to help make societies safer.

It is our commitment to extract and analyze the critical intelligence needed by Law Enforcement Agencies, so they have the best information possible with real-time visibility.

Website: www.ss8.com


Thales Defense & Security, Inc. (TDSI) is a global company serving the defense, federal, and commercial markets with solutions for the ground tactical, airborne and avionics, naval/maritime, and security domains. In addition to mission-critical communication systems, the company provides helmet-mounted displays and motion tracking technologies; SATCOM terminals; advanced sonar systems; air traffic management navigation, surveillance, and simulation; and data protection solutions.

Website: www.thalesdsi.com

Universal Synaptics

Universal Synaptics provides Intermittent Fault Detection (IFD) technology that detects and isolates intermittent faults, the primary cause of the No Fault Found (NFF) / Can Not Duplicate (CND) test results in electrical components and wiring harness. The Intermittent Fault Detection and Isolation System (IFDIS) and the Portable Intermittent Fault Detector (PIFD) monitors all circuits, test points, and/or wires simultaneously and continuously on any given component or Unit Under Test (UUT) to pinpoint exactly where issues are lurking to allow for surgical repair. Increased availability and reliability are attained through this depth of testing that is unparalleled in all industries, including defense, aviation, automotive, rail, consumer electronics, etc.

Website: www.usynaptics.com

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