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FTA Resources Toolbox
Use these export tools to learn if there is an FTA preferential tariff rate for your product.

Resources Toolbox for FTA's

Is there an FTA preferential tariff rate available for your shipment? These export tools can help you understand the rules and compare the FTA and applied (current) tariff rates.  

  • Our video, How to Qualify for FTA Preferences, provides an overview of the qualifying process for free trade agreements so your export can take advantage of the FTA’s low or zero tariff (duty) rate. 

  • The FTA Tariff Tool can help you determine the tariff (or tax at the border) that FTA partner countries will collect for an eligible U.S. product to enter the country. Exporters can look up the FTA tariff rate for a given product today, and identify when the tariff rate will either be reduced or totally eliminated in the future.     

  • Customs User Database/Tutorial Video. This video discusses how to register and use the Customs Info Database. This valuable tool gives users free access to global tariff information on exporting from the U.S. to most countries around the world.    

  • The Rules of Origin Facilitator provides user-friendly access to the International Trade Centre (ITC’s) database of rules of origin, and origin provisions in trade agreements. The ITC’s Market Access Map contains data for more than 270 trade agreements applied by more than 190 countries, as well as for the non-preferential regimes of the United States, European Union, and Switzerland.  

  • The Harmonized System (HS) is a global product classification system. To export, you will need to know the HS Code for your product.