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Environmental Technologies Trade Advisory Committee
The Environmental Technologies Trade Advisory Committee (ETTAC) advises the interagency Environmental Trade Working Group of the Trade Promotion Coordinating Committee, through the Secretary of Commerce, on the development and administration of programs to expand U.S. exports of environmental technologies, goods and services.

ETTAC Members

Members of the 2020-2022 Environmental Technologies Trade Advisory Committee

Mr. John Adams 
Executive Director, Government Affairs 
Calgon Carbon Corporation 

Mr. Dean Amhaus 
President and CEO 
The Water Council 

Mr. James Anderson 
Senior Vice President, Global Sales 
Earth Networks, Inc. 

Mr. Randy Baerg 
Warren & Baerg Manufacturing, Inc. 

Mr. David Biderman 
Executive Director and CEO 
Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA) 

Ms. Dana Blumberg 
Vice President of International Services 
SCS Engineers 

Mr. Chuck Chaitovitz 
Vice President, Environmental Affairs and Sustainability 
U.S. Chamber of Commerce 

Mr. William Decker 
Vice President and General Manager, Equipment and Services Group 
Aqua-Aerobic Systems, Inc. 

Mr. Tom Frankel 
Stamford Scientific International, Inc. 

Ms. Anne Germain 
COO and Senior Vice President of Regulatory Affairs 
National Waste & Recycling Association (NWRA) 

Mr. Jeffrey Gottlieb 
Resin Tech, Inc. 

Mr. Richard Gust 
Tire Industry Association 

Mr. Rick Hill 
Chief Operating Officer 
Apex Instruments 

Ms. Tasha Jamaluddin 
Managing Director 
Epcon Industrial Systems, LP 

Ms. Debra Johnson 
Mr. Nilaksh Kothari 
Preferred Consulting LLC 

Mr. Christopher Lawson 
CEO and Executive Director 
The Hamilton Mill 

Ms. Vanessa Leiby 
Executive Director 
Water and Wastewater Equipment Manufacturers Association (WWEMA) 

Mr. Carlos Lemos 
President and CEO 
Ambient Technologies, Inc. 

Mr. Walter Marlowe 
Executive Director 
Water Environment Federation (WEF) 

Mr. Sarampal Matharu 
Senior Vice President, Enterprise Services 
Aquatech International 

Mr. Ashish Raval 
Vice President, Global Projects and Tenders 
Danaher Water Quality Group 

Dr. David Rigby 
Vice President, Waste Water Management Division 
Century Engineering, Inc. 

Ms. Clare Schulzki 
Executive Director 
Institute of Clean Air Companies (ICAC) 

Mr. William Smallwood 
Flint Technical Geosolutions LLC 

Ms. Paula Soos 
Vice President, Government Relations 
Covanta Energy Corporation 

Dr. Paula Stern 
Sierra Energy 

Mr. Stephen Strachan 
Co-Founder and Managing Partner 
International Water Company 

Mr. Bryan Stubbs 
Executive Director 
Cleveland Water Alliance 

Mr. Kevin Summ 
Director of Marketing 
Anguil Environmental Systems, Inc. 

Ms. Pauli Undesser 
Executive Director 
Water Quality Association (WQA) 

Mr. Craig Updyke 
Director, Global Policy & International Trade 
ASTM International 

Mr. Joseph Vaglio 
Product Manager, Global Ambient Markets 
Thermo Fisher Scientific 

Mr. Roberto Vengoechea 
Senior Vice President, Fluid Solutions & Drains 
Watts Water Technologies 

Mr. George Vorsheim 
Director of Communications and Marketing 
Environment One Corporation 

Dr. Peter Zemek 
Senior Vice President, Emerging Technologies and R&D 
Montrose Environmental Services, Inc.