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Selling Factors & Techniques
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The general public obtains its information through various media, including television, radio, internet, newspaper, and word of mouth.

Trade Promotion and Advertising

The general public obtains its information through national television and radio stations, word of mouth and the internet. A smaller percentage of people read newspapers, especially online. There is no print newspaper in the archipelago. Following are some of the major news organizations in São Tomé and Príncipe:

TVS – Televisao de São Tomé e Príncipe (National TV Station)

Bairo Quinta de Santo Antonio

São Tomé, São Tomé e Principe

Tel. (239) 222 10 41; (239) 22-21-493; (239) 22-22-970


RNSTP – Radio Nacional de São Tomé e Príncipe (National Radio Station)

Avenida Marginal 12 de Julho

C.P. 44

São Tomé, São Tomé e Principe

Tel. (239) 22-23-293; (239) 22-22-875; (239) 22-21-342

Fax: (239) 22-23-293


Online Newspaper- Telanon

Rua Damão, Capital São Tomé,

1º Edifício à direita da entrada do Parque Ex Sinécia

São Tomé e Príncipe

Tel. (+239) 990-62-63



Online Newspaper- STP Press

Av. Marginal 12 de Julho – Cidade de São Tomé –

C.P. n. º 12

Tel: n (00239) 9907040 / 2222087 / 2223431


Online Newspaper- Jornal 31

Avenida Marginal 12 de julho

Tel:  00239 991 4413

jornal31 – Verdade Nua e Crua


RTP Africa – Radio Televisão Portuguesa – África

Avenida das Nações Unidas

São Tomé, São Tomé e Principe

Tel: (239) 22-23-613, (239) 22-23-616

Fax: (239) 22-23-614


Prices in STP are expensive because most goods are imported.  International transportation costs and high customs duties are considerable factors in pricing goods. The cost of renting a store or warehouse in the capital city is also relatively high.

Sales Service/Customer Support

Good customer service, follow-up services, and inventories can confer a significant competitive advantage in STP.

Due Diligence

American companies are advised to exercise due diligence before engaging in business in STP.

Local Professional Services

Retaining legal counsel is not required, but a local attorney may be best placed to handle many of the routine problems that may arise.


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