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Pollution Control Equipment/Environmental Services
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The Lithuanian government launched its environmental protection program in 1992, defining and prioritizing all major environmental problems in the country.  Economic development increased the urgency of resolving environmental problems.  Lithuania added new policies regarding environmental cleanup and pollution prevention to the legal framework in 1995. 

Some projections estimate a need for $50 million in annual spending to comply with EU environmental requirements.  Particularly in the renewable energy sector, substantial investments are already underway, and plans are being prepared to rollout residential energy efficiency programs, for example.  The Lithuanian Ministry of the Environment is responsible for preparing the country to meet these requirements.  The bulk of spending on the environment will go toward improving wastewater treatment, sewage networks, and waste management.  Environmental protection is a priority in the national Public Investment Program.  With ambitious environmental targets set out for 2030 and 2050, there will be opportunities in the environmental sector in areas such as protection and prevention, remediation, monitoring, and waste disposal.

Leading Sub-Sectors

  • Environmental protection infrastructure development /renovation projects
  • Climate Change programs implementation


U.S. environmental consulting companies appear to be more active than equipment manufacturers and suppliers in this sector.  There are substantial opportunities for environmental service providers willing to team with local partners.  Such opportunities include laboratory chemical analysis, site assessment, soil and groundwater remediation, environmental impact consulting, and services related to hazardous and other waste management. 


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