Haiti - Country Commercial Guide
Customs Regulations
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The following documentation is required under the basic regulations governing the import and export of commodities:

For imports into Haiti, the Haitian Customs Authorities request the following:

  • A bill of lading signed by the captain or his/her delegate, and
  • An original invoice for the goods.
  • The bill of lading must include:
  • Name of the vessel (sea freight and the identification number for airfreight); name of the shipping company;
  • Port(s) of origin;
  • Port(s) of destination;
  • Complete manifest of the cargo and the volume on which the freight calculation was based;
  • Nature of the merchandise (includes bulk items);
  • Shipping cost;
  • Name of the shipper, and
  • The name of the consignee.

Haitian law requires that foreign exporters obtain an import permit from the Ministry of Commerce for the import of some agricultural and textile products.  American exporters seeking information on Haitian tariffs should contact the U.S. Embassy in Port-au-Prince and the Haitian Customs Authority.