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Standards for Trade
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Product and service quality standards are neither applied nor enforced in Guinea. Occasionally, investigations will be launched at the request of law enforcement in cases of suspected poisoning. Importers, however, may request that specific international product requirements or standards be applied to Guinea’s products.


The Guinean Institute for Standardization and Meteorology drafts standards and/or adapts Guinean standards to international standards.

Testing, Inspection and Certification

Guinean customs require a certificate of origin for certain products to enter Guinea, including mineral products, animal byproducts, live animals, hunting and fishing products, maritime fishing products, and scrap/waste. More information is available in the article 26 of Customs code of 2015.

Publication of Technical Regulations

Contact Information

Mr. Yakhouba Sylla, Deputy Director of the Guinean Institute for Standardization and Meteorology

Tel: +224 628 36 46 84 / 655 34 04 04