Germany - Country Commercial Guide
Market Challenges
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German policy poses relatively few formal barriers to U.S. trade or investment, apart from barriers associated with EU law and regulations. Germany has pressed the EU Commission to reduce regulatory burdens and promote innovation to increase EU Member States’ competitiveness. Germany’s acceptance of the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy and German restrictions on biotech agricultural products pose obstacles for key U.S. products. While not overtly discriminatory, government regulation by virtue of its complexity may offer a degree of protection to established local suppliers. Rigorous application of safety and environmental standards can lead to increased bureaucratic efforts and complicate access to the market for U.S. products. American companies interested in exporting to Germany should make sure they know which standards apply to their product and obtain timely testing and certification. Compliance with German standards is especially relevant to U.S. exporters, as EU-wide standards are often based on existing German standards.