Czech Republic - Country Commercial Guide
Market Opportunities
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Demand in the Czech market goes beyond the few best prospect sectors outlined in this report. The current government under Prime Minister Petr Fiala has shown a commitment to major projects including significant defense procurements as well as progress towards building up to four new nuclear reactors at the Dukovany power plant, while moving 5G forward and pushing for healthcare reforms. The government also promised the development and modernization of transportation infrastructure. The state transport infrastructure fund approved a budget of 150.9 billion crowns, even during the current energy crisis, when the government intends to spend considerable funds to support households and the business sector.

The Czech Republic is not the ideal destination for new-to-export companies, but as an EU member and a place where English is widely spoken in the business community, it is an excellent choice for experienced exporters, especially those who seek new opportunities outside of Western Europe.