Belgium - Country Commercial Guide
Market Entry Strategy
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To succeed in Belgium, interested U.S. exporters must focus on innovation, quality, and competitive pricing. They should also not be fooled by Belgium’s size. For such a small market, it can be deceivingly complex. Industry sectors in Belgium are shaped by the policies of its national and regional governments, as well as the European Union. Companies will find that the federal government of Belgium and the  regional governments of Flanders, Brussels, and Wallonia split competencies and responsibilities vis-à-vis the regulatory environment. Although U.S. exporters are not required to appoint a local agent or distributor to sell to Belgian companies, it is strongly recommended that companies consider partnering with a local company for the purposes of monitoring business opportunities, navigating import and standard testing regulations, and identifying public sector sales and contract opportunities. The U.S. Commercial Service in Brussels can advise U.S. companies on finding local partners. Visit for more information.