Bahrain - Country Commercial Guide
Labeling and Marking Requirements
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GCC countries enforce common labeling standards for imported goods.  Food labels must include product and brand names, production and expiration dates, country of origin, the name and address of the manufacturer, net weight in metric units, and a list of ingredients in descending order of magnitude.  All fats and oils (including gelatins) used as ingredients must be specifically identified on the label.  Labels must be in Arabic or in both Arabic and English.  Small quantities of products in English-only labels may be approved for import on a case-by-case basis for test marketing purposes.  Pork products, or products containing pork or pork lard, should be clearly identified as such on the label.  Products found to contain traces of pork that are not properly labeled will be confiscated and possibly banned from future import for a specified period of time.  American-made goods should be clearly marked “Made in the USA” to qualify for duty free treatment under the FTA.