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Commercial Diplomacy in Action
What commercial diplomacy can do for your U.S. company.

Commercial Diplomacy In Action

Commercial Diplomacy In Action

Each year, commercial diplomacy assistance facilitates billions of dollars in U.S. export sales. What does commercial diplomacy in action look like?

Opening a New Market

Assisting a U.S. manufacturer of small airplanes in overcoming hurdles with the government regulator in a North American market. The Commercial Service team intervened on behalf of the U.S. manufacturer to successfully resolve the regulatory issue and ensure market access and sales.

Preventing a Market Access Issue from Arising

Resolving U.S. industry concerns about burdensome regulations in a proposed data privacy bill in a South American market. Through high-level talks with foreign government officials and decision-makers, the bill was revised to the satisfaction of all parties, allowing for continuity in cross-border data flows.

Facilitating Customs Clearance of U.S. Cargo

Ensuring the cargo of a U.S. agricultural company was cleared through customs in an African market without unnecessary and costly delays. With Commercial Service due diligence, clarifications from local officials, and provision of required documentation, it was determined the cargo was not subject to pre-payment regulations resulting in a successful sale.