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Contact the U.S. Commercial Service in Poland

U.S. Commercial Service
Embassy of the United States
Koszykowa 54
00-675 Warsaw, Poland
Phone: +48 22 625 4374

(Commercial questions only, visa questions cannot be answered)
Email: Office.Warsaw@trade.gov

Consumer Goods/ Franchising 

Email: Office.Warsaw@trade.gov

For visa questions and non-commercial issues, please visit the website of the U.S. Embassy in Poland.

Head of the Commercial Service Section:

Cindy Biggs
Senior Commercial Officer

Neil Pickett 
Deputy Senior Commercial Officer

Joanna Bereza
Commercial Specialist
Email: Joanna.Bereza@trade.gov 
Sectors: Construction / Building /Infrastructure / Advanced Manufacturing /Machine Tools/ Metal Working Equipment

Anna Janczewska 
Commercial Specialist
Email: Anna.Janczewska@trade.gov 
Sectors: Environmental Technologies /Renewable Energy /Oil & Gas /Building Products/ Chemicals and Plastics /Woodworking

Maria Kowalska
Commercial Specialist
Email: Maria.Kowalska@trade.gov  
Sectors: Digital technologies incl. cybersecurity & 5G/ Audio/video / E-commerce /Media & entertainment / Education / Legal & consulting services / Data protection / IPR

Jolanta Mojsa
Commercial Specialist 
Email: Jolanta.Mojsa@trade.gov 
Sectors: Cosmetics / Civil Aviation / Aerospace /Automotive /Sporting Goods /Hunting/ Gifts/Jewelry

Aleksandra Prus
Commercial Specialist
Email: Aleksandra.Prus@trade.gov 
Sectors: Electrical Power Systems/ Mining / Non-ferrous Metals/Financial Services/Shipbuilding/ Pleasure Boats/ Agricultural Equipment

Zofia Sobiepanek
Commercial Specialist
Email: Zofia.Sobiepanek@trade.gov  
Sectors: Defense Industry / Security and safety products/ Healthcare services / Medical equipment / Drugs-Pharmaceuticals/ Biotechnology/ Dental equipment / Laboratory scientific instruments/ Veterinary medicine, equipment and supplies 

Kaja Szczygiel
Commercial Assistant
Email: Kaja.Szczygiel@trade.gov 
Sectors: USA Travel & Tourism / SelectUSA/ Special Projects