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U.S. Commercial Service Philippines
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U.S. Commercial Service Philippines

U.S. Commercial Service 
U.S. Embassy – Manila
1201 Roxas Boulevard 
Ermita, Manila 
0930 Philippines 
Tel. (+632) 5301-4249 

Mr.  Gregory O’Connor, Senior Commercial Officer 
Mr.  Darrel Ching, Commercial Attaché 

Ms. Bebe Montesines
Commercial Specialist
Industries covered: infrastructure, architecture, construction, engineering, environmental, aerospace 

Ms. Thess Sula
Commercial Specialist
Industries covered:  defense, financial services, fintech, energy 

Mr. John Giray
Commercial Specialist
Industries covered:  ICT, tourism, education, media

Ms. Katrina Domingo
Commercial Specialist
Industries covered:  healthcare, agribusiness, consumer goods, supplements  

Ms. Jeanne Santiago
Commercial Assistant
Industries covered:  autos, safety and security, franchises, standards