U.S. Commercial Service France
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Contact the U.S. Commercial Service in France.

Head of the Paris - France Commercial Service Section:

Scott Pozil
Senior Commercial Officer

RJ Donovan 
First Secretary - DSCO

Michael Kim
Commercial Officer 

Feel free to contact us with any questions. We can be reached by letter and e-mail. 
Mail should be sent to following address:

U.S. Commercial Service
Embassy of the United States
2, avenue Gabriel
75382 Paris CEDEX 08, France 

American Embassy Paris 
U.S. Commercial Service 
9200 Paris Place, Washington D.C. 20521

Services / Consumer Goods / Healthcare / Building Construction /
Environment / Renewable Energy / Select USA

Heavy Industries Operation Team

The United States national holidays and the legally observed local holidays for the remainder of the calendar year. Visit the U.S. embassy website.