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CS Boston serves U.S. exporters in Boston and the surrounding area.

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U.S. Commercial Service Boston

JFK Federal Building, 55 New Sudbury St. # 1826A
Boston, MA  02203

Jim Paul

Covering Central and Western Massachusetts and the following sectors: Education, Design & Construction

Michelle Ouellette
Senior International Trade Specialist

Covering North Shore and the following sectors: Healthcare Technologies, Safety and Security, Aerospace & Defense, Energy, Environmental 

Matthew Case
Commercial Officer
(617) 565-4309

Covering North of Boston, Northwest Suburbs and the following sectors: AgribusinessFinancial Services, Media & Entertainment, Sporting Goods & Textiles

Samantha Feder
International Trade Specialist

Covering Boston and Southeast Massachusetts and the following sectors: Marine Technology, Information and Communications Technology, Travel & Tourism 

Katherine Therieau
Regional Manager - Western Hemisphere
The Advocacy Center