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Bahrain Country Commercial Guide
Your starting point for success. The guide covers how to do business in Bahrain.

Bahrain Country Commercial Guide

7 Key Topics for Market Success

  • Doing Business in Bahrain:  Get an overview on market opportunities and entry strategies, key economic indicators and trade statistics, and other reasons U.S. companies should consider exporting to the country.
  • Leading Sectors for Exports & Investments:  Learn about sector-based industry trends, industry market overviews, export-import trade data, and key trade events.  
  • Customs, Regulations & Standards:  Check the latest on tariff and non-tariff barriers, export controls, import requirements and documentation, product standards, and trade agreements.
  • Selling U.S. Products & Services:  Gain insight into the best market entry strategies using agents/distributors, other sales channels, pricing and methods of payment, financing, joint/ventures/licensing, and selling to the government.
  • Business Travel:  Find information on visa, travel and vaccine requirements, and get insight into local business protocol such as dress, business cards and gifts.
  • Investment Climate Statement:  Learn more about the country‚Äôs investment climate.
  • Political and Economic Environment:  Get current status of the country’s relations with the U.S., local laws, tips on safety and security.