Women's History Month
Women's History Month
Empowering women in trade by sharing the experiences and advice of our women-owned and led business clients.

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Celebrating Women’s History Month: Client Profile

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Heather Varney

Heather Varney

President & Co-Founder

Company: Aeroforce Logistics

Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Web: www.aeroforcelogistics.com 

About Aeroforce Logistics: Aeroforce provides parts and services to domestic and foreign militaries, operators, and repair stations. We accomplish this by using our OEM, fabrication, and machine shop partnerships. We also sell a large inventory of previously owned U.S. Government material, which is always in demand. We specialize in finding alternate solutions for hard-to-find, long lead-time and high-priced military aircraft parts and tooling. Lastly, we provide consulting services for program management, product support, warehousing, and managed repair/overhaul services. We have been exporting for two years.

As a women-owned or women-led business, what unique challenges has your company encountered with exporting? 

“Creating processes , procedures and safe guards that enable our company to efficiently and profitably market and sell to international customers”

How has the U.S. Commercial Service helped you overcome exporting challenges?

“In late 2021, I  graduated from the Exportech program, so we are in the infant stages of working with this team. They have been great at answering questions about market data and daily questions about vetting customers and import/export.”

What is your favorite thing about being a woman exporter?

“Diversifying our customer base, portfolio, adding employees , which in turn means selling more!”

What advice would you give other women-owned or led businesses looking to expand their international sales?

“Make sure your business has processes and procedures in place with all of your departments involved in exporting. Attend Exportech. Lastly, market your company using the resources provided from Exportech. Get your company’s name out there!”

What would you consider your greatest export success?

“The ability to delineate NLR items and items that required Export License on a large, 50-line order to the Netherlands. It allowed us to send a partial shipment early while we waited for the licensing on the other items. The customer was happy to get some items right away!”