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What should I be doing while my application is being reviewed?

What should I be doing while my application is being reviewed?

Once a request has been submitted in final and docketed by the FTZ staff, it is assigned a “docket number”. The processing time for the request varies but there are several things that an applicant can be doing while the request is being reviewed:

  • When the FTZ Board approves a request, the zone operator must separately apply for activation of the zone or subzone with the Port Director of the local Customs and Border Protection port of entry before the zone can be used. Many zone operators begin the activation process while their application is being reviewed so that activation can occur quickly if their application is approved.

  • You can check the status of your case on the FTZ webpage. The case status available on the web is the most up to date and detailed information available. The status is displayed in the heading of the Federal Register notice, which can be accessed through the “Reading Room” on the main page. 

  • Each application is assigned to a member of the FTZ staff. The staff member is referred to as the “examiner” for the application. The examiner for your case can answer any questions you may have.
  • During the review of the application, the FTZ examiner may also contact you if there any questions that come up during the processing of the application.