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U.S-UK Financial Innovation Partnership Trade Mission || 27-29 June, 2022

U.S.-UK Fintech 2022 Participants

Trade Mission Participant List

The U.S. Embassy in London is pleased to welcome the following 15 companies to the United Kingdom for the U.S-UK Financial Innovation Partnership Mission, June 27-29, 2022. 

AKRU FinTech
AKRU’s commercial real estate investment platform uses blockchain technology to create a secure and intuitive marketplace. AKRU offers investors the opportunity for fractionalized ownership for as low as $1,000 in the form of Security tokens. AKRU’s technology enables instantaneous transactions to be recorded on an immutable ledger, building investor trust - making the world’s largest investment class more accessible and liquid for investors. 

Mohsin Masud
Founder and CEO
+1 347-891-9342 

Aperia Logo
Aperia, founded in 1999, is a Texas-based firm (600+ employees) concentrating in the fintech space. Aperia provides application development, business intelligence, analytics, customer intelligence platforms, onboarding, risk management (analyzing 60+ billion payment transactions annually), compliance, and much more to the payments, banking, and processing space.  Our clients include banks, processors, Payfacs, Merchant Service Providers, Independent Sales Organizations, government entities, and more. In a single sentence, Aperia provides insightful quality SaaS, and custom applications or solutions to the fintech space. 
Aperia POC

John C. Nix
Senior Vice President
+1 469-443-3282

ChainLockR Company Logo for the eCommerce BSP Backend Technology Section
ChainLockr - We design, develop, and operate across service segments for Cloud-Based Smart Contracts & AI Data Services. We have in service, an “AI Advisor” program that can be applied to any industry in various Data Solutions. Produce any Mobile or Enterprise Web Apps, AML Compliance Solutions, Share-point Services, Cloud-Based Suppliers on an E-Procurement Platform, Power BI, Digital Transformation for Smart Supply Chains.
ChainLockr POC

James Silva
+1 562-766-1244 

Crowdz is technology Fintech with the aim of helping companies gain access to working capital finance solutions so they are able to survive and thrive. We offer a global marketplace for small to medium businesses to sell their unpaid invoices and unlock cash flow. We are also launching our revenue-based finance product in 2022 to provide none dilutive working capital as an alternative to companies looking to raise money. Crowdz also partners with large enterprise clients like Meta, Citibank, and others to create tailored technology solutions to unlock larger networks and process big data requirements.  

Aiman Khammash
Head of Business Development & Sales
+44 (0) 7821 123 584

DigsFact offers a simple and effortless way to capture spatial data and turn them into valuable insights in real-time.  For our customers like P&C insurers or construction companies, it means benefits like better risk assessment, fraud prevention, compliance and enabling preventive measures on residential and commercial properties using our AI-based damage detection. It also means reducing the estimation cost for property claims and restoration projects by over 90%, with real-time and remote measurements and AI-based detection of building materials. For our strategic partners like technology platforms that connect property owners and managers with property renovation contractors, a partnership with us means an additional source of revenue along with a better customer experience for their customers. 

Nishant Tomar
Founder and CEO
+1 312-945-8228

ETA Logo
The Electronic Transactions Association is the leading trade association for the payments industry, representing over 500 companies worldwide involved in electronic transaction processing products and services. The purpose of ETA is to influence, monitor, and shape the payments industry by providing leadership through education, advocacy, and the exchange of information.

Scott Talbott
Senior Vice President
+1 202-297-1035

FIS logo
FIS wishes to promote our capabilities in providing Finance as a Service to our global markets. This includes banking, payments, merchant, and capital markets solutions. We also wish to promote our marketplace of Fintech vendors and partner solutions. Financial Institutions and Merchants are the key most important end-user industries. FIS software is licensed and copyrighted in the US and provisioned via contractual agreements in multiple countries.

Adrian Sturley
VP Fintech Advocacy
+44 (0) 7483 426 922

Hummingbird Logo
Hummingbird is the first CRM specifically designed for modern compliance. Our intelligent case management platform reimagines how compliance work is done, removing the need for repetitive data entry and allowing teams to conduct better, deeper investigations without sacrificing efficiency. 
Hummingbird POC

Matthew Van Buskirk
Co-Founder and CEO

ICM Logo1
Investor Cash Management is a Visa Ventures portfolio company that has developed unique, API-powered technology to create investor cash management accounts (ICMAs) linked concurrently to both bank accounts and specified investment products (e.g., mutual funds and/or ETFs), thereby enabling the client to obtain an objectively better combination of higher investment returns and immediate liquidity.  ICM has been listed among the world’s 10 leading fintech companies by Capgemini, EFMA, and UBS.  
InvestorCashManagement POC

Fred Phillips
+1 786-340-4502

MHA Logo
Based in Hartford, Connecticut, the MetroHartford Alliance (MHA) is a private sector lead investor-based economic development partnership focused on business development and growth, retaining, and attracting jobs and talent in the following industry sectors: Insurance/Financial Services, Aerospace/Defense, Advanced Manufacturing, Broadcast Media, Health and Logistics.  

David Griggs
President and CEO
+1 860-371-5441 

Ovamba Logo
Ovamba Solutions specializes in helping emerging market businesses in wholesale, retail, and manufacturing sectors access growth and operating capital via alternative trade and supply chain finance.   Product offerings include BankPartner™, Pamoja™ Jasmeera™, and other “Growth-As-A-Service™” products.  These products help financial institutions to broaden their customer base and maintain their share of the wallet by funding their businesses on a risk mitigated basis.  Our SaaS solutions help banks safely fund these businesses while the businesses that are successfully funded grow tangibly via increased exports/imports in a way that maximizes profit without putting capital at risk.  
Ovamba POC

Viola A. Llewellyn
President & Co-Founder
+1 202-390-2165

Estate registry logo
The Estate Registry: as a pioneer in estate data management, we created LegacyNOW, a digital estate lifecycle platform for professional service advisors to counsel clients throughout the estate planning process; NotifyNOW, a service delivering executor support through death notifications; and InheritNOW, a service providing inheritance advances. These highly secure cloud-based services directly benefit wealth advisors, estate planners, and attorneys by streamlining estate planning operations and client communications.  
Estate Registry POC

Phillip Lee
Senior Vice President
+1 770-742-5220

TrustStamp Logo
Trust Stamp leverages AI to produce tokenized biometrics for identity authentication.  Our patented technology irreversibly transforms biometric data into a token, adding a layer of privacy while retaining functionality for identity proofing.  This core technology is deployed in banking and government for identification, verification, multi-factor authorization, and identity wallet.  Our government deployment pairs biometrics with a smartphone for geolocation tracking. 
TrustStamp POC1

John Bridge
+1 706-751-5590

vidrovr logo
VIDROVR - we are an innovative machine learning company that’s here to completely transform the ways businesses use, store, and share visual, audio, and image data. Our mission is to help companies create actionable insight and awareness through multimedia understanding. Today we’re tackling some of the world’s most important problems like disinformation tracking and large-scale video analysis.
Dan Mozoroff POC

Dan Morozoff
+ 1 415-652-2388


Wemblr logo
WEMBLR is an employer-provided financial technology application providing financial advancement solutions for Employees. Users engage in financial mindfulness, peer strategy networks, wealth assessment tools, and financial professional matching. WEMBLR-ED is a gaming simulation application that engages students through financial scenarios and events that impact wealth over time. Students learn the value of strategic planning in personal finance
Wemblr POC1

Tiffany Marr