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U.S. – Brazil Defense Industry Dialogue
A forum to attract investment, identify partnerships, and spur technological innovation for both countries defense industry.

U.S. – Brazil Defense Industry Dialogue

Industry partners in both countries work closely with agencies in both governments, including the U.S. Departments of Commerce and Defense, and Brazil’s Ministries of Defense and External Relations, to ensure coordination and representation from all DID stakeholders.

The inaugural DID was hosted by Brazil on September 30, 2016, in Brasilia, with more than 180 participants from 70 Brazilian and U.S. defense firms. Following the success of the first DID, the United States hosted the second iteration on October 10, 2017, in Washington DC.

The Defense Industry Dialogue Working Groups are intended to focus progress on priority topics in four working groups (WGs):

1. Space: focuses on any space-related subjects, including policy, business-to-business issues and binational cooperation

2. Binational Cooperation: focuses on the military-to-military steps needed to create a binational program or product outside of the space industry

3. Policy: addresses policies that are not directly related to binational programs or space, but are of concern to the private sector and require government-to-government action

4. Commercial Partnerships: covers business-to-business issues outside of the space industry that enhance commercial opportunities for industries in both countries

Each working group is led by a U.S. WG Lead and a Brazil WG Lead that engage in regular communication to create detailed action plans, which guide the work of the WGs. The results achieved by each WG are highlighted at subsequent DID meetings.

For more information about DID please contact our Defense Industry Trade Specialist, Daniele Andrews: Daniele.Andrews@trade.gov