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Trade Show Representation
Increases U.S. companies' exposure at an international trade show even when they are unable to attend.

Trade Show Representation


Provides U.S. companies and economic development organizations with the ability to increase their marketing exposure at an overseas trade show when they are unable to attend in person. The service entails conducting pre-trade show promotions via Internet/social media/email campaigns, representing the client at the overseas trade show, displaying the client’s promotional materials at the overseas trade show, and conducting outreach to foreign buyers/distributors in attendance at the trade show.

Eligibility and Pricing 

  • You must be an export-ready U.S. company seeking to export goods or services of U.S. origin or that has at least 51% U.S. content to utilize this service.
  • The fee for the Trade Show Representation service is $400 for small companies1, $950 for medium companies2, and $1,350 for large companies3.

Please note that these prices exclude any direct costs4

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1 Must qualify as a “small business” under the Small Business Administration’s size standards, which vary by North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code. The fees listed also apply to U.S. Economic Development Organizations (EDO) and Non-profit Educational Institutions that purchase ITA services for their own use. For example, when an EDO requests a Gold Key Service (GKS) to promote itself as a tourist destination, it will be charged a small company fee. If, however, an EDO requests a (GKS) to promote a U.S. company’s goods/services, the size of the company will be used to determine the fee.  
2 Must have less than $1B in annual revenue (including affiliates: parent, child, subsidiaries, divisions, etc.) to qualify.
3 All U.S. businesses that do not qualify as small or medium enterprises and all foreign firms.
4 Other direct costs not included in the service description must be assumed by the client. Types of other direct costs include translation, transportation, use of contractors, venue rental, catering, etc. Please note that any transportation for ITA staff beyond 80 kilometers or more than 2 hours from an ITA office will be charged an additional user fee to cover the cost.