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Take advantage of individual services to strategically address your organization's unique show floor needs. Choose from among these available services at U.S. or overseas events.

Cost: $2,205 (U.S. or International Event)

With its network of over 100 offices across the United States and in more than 75 countries, the U.S. Commercial Service of the U.S. Department of Commerce enjoys a wide-reaching global presence to assist in digital promotion in almost any market worldwide.  

The ITA event team will promote the event or U.S. pavilion to U.S. exporters that would benefit from exhibiting or attending and/or potential foreign buyers through the following digital marketing channels: 

•    Targeted email campaign to potential US exhibitors within the target industries of the event
•    Targeted email campaign to potential foreign buyers in key markets
• website promotion with industry tagging to target industry demographic
•    Inclusion in e-newsletters* and other marketing and promotional material   

 * size of e-mail newsletter lists varies greatly by industry

Cost PER MARKET: $6,390 (U.S. Event) /$3,420 (International Event) 

Before the Event:

•    Target Markets: consult with the event organizer and our global network to help select market(s) for promotion and recruitment of foreign buyers.    
•    Marketing and Recruiting: identify and recruit potential foreign buyers in the selected market(s) who are likely to seek business and/or close deals with U.S. exporters exhibiting at this Trade Event. We will use best efforts for this effort but cannot guarantee a minimum number of delegations or foreign buyer delegates. 
•    Localize:  In select markets and when necessary, distribute multi-language promotional brochure produced by the Event Organizer under II.5 below when available.  
•    Communication:  The event lead will coordinate a communications plan to organize and synchronize efforts with all our participants (Commercial Specialists outside the US and Trade Specialists inside the US) to encourage maximum promotion of the U.S. pavilion at this Trade Event.    
•    Logistics Planning; event lead will work with all on the project team to ensure foreign buyers recruited to this Trade Event go through registration, badge pickup, pre-show orientation.  

During the Event – ITA Will:

•    Help US Exhibitors: Provide at show assistance and market intelligence to U.S. exhibitors. 
•    Home base for International Business Assistance: If designated space provided, provide hands-on solutions enabling connections between U.S. exporters and foreign buyers.
•    Promote Value-Added Partnership:  If designated space provided, in coordination with the event organizer, promote the services available at our space to U.S. pavilion exhibitors and foreign buyer delegations at least two months before the event through ITA’s marketing channels. 

Cost: $2,250 (U.S. Event) / $1,080 (International Event) 

Maximize visibility with one-on-one introductions via ITA’s global network of potential foreign buyers, partners, and/or government decision makers in selected markets.  B2B matchmaking is a specific networking dynamic that considers attendees’ exact expectations and achieves a potential match between US company and foreign buyer.  B2B aims to save your attendees time so they can avoid the mindless search for potential prospects.

•    Through our global network, we have the ability to provide the best possible connections between US exhibitors and foreign buyers for any global event.
•    Flexibility: we can use your preferred B2B application, or we can furnish a B2B matchmaking solution (additional fees may apply).
•    Marketing: ITA works with our global network to market B2B capability to all US exhibitors, foreign buyer delegations and event registered foreign buyers (as provided by event organizer).  E-mail introductions ahead of event.  
•    Management: set up and management of B2B meetings including troubleshooting, last minute requests, and follow on appointments.
•    Customizable:  work with event organizers to determine best location for B2B meeting location(s).

Cost: $1,980 (U.S. Event) / $1,080 (International Event)

This is a formalized Government-2-Business (G2B) export business development counseling platform by appointment designed to leverage the in-country experts we have present at the event.  

•    Customizable appointment-based program for U.S. exhibitors featuring matchmaking and scheduling
•    Recipients receive a briefing on potential market opportunities and sales prospects for their product or service in that market
•    Connection point to other networking and foreign buyer opportunities
•    Share in-country business trends, best prospects, and market intelligence
•    Create follow up plan to pursue new or additional partners in the market using our global network
•    Number of countries represented varies by show

Cost: $1,710 (U.S. Event) / $2,070 (International Event)

Your organization can host a webinar promoted to our clients and organized by an ITA contact.

  • One-hour pre-event webinar highlighting industry trends in selected market(s) and trade event.  
  • Content may include: in-country knowledge and contacts, best practices, testimonials and/or case study. 
  • Conclude with trade event presentation featuring your firm’s representative who can highlight onsite opportunities for US firms and other benefits of attending the event. 
  • Content to be developed with trade event organizer.

Cost: $1,530 (U.S. Event) / $1,170 (International Event)

With our global network of international business experts, featuring our expertise for an at-show market or industry briefing is a great way to deliver current content around international business to your audience.  

Cost: $90/hour (U.S. or overseas event)

International Receptions can create amazing networking opportunities, show buzz, and a natural launch point for finding global sales leads in an informal setting. 

ITA can coordinate a networking event at your show., including receptions and breakfasts.  This would include both wholly created receptions by the US Commercial Service, or co-designed receptions with event or pavilion organizers.
In consultation with event organizer, we will provide:   

•    Event Space Logistics
•    Agenda / Speakers
•    Promotion
•    Logo Visibility
•    Food and Beverage
•    AV
•    Entertainment
•    Registration Link (If requested via E-menu)
•    Event organizer pays for all direct costs (i.e., space, food, AV, entertainment)