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Resolve a Foreign Trade Barrier

Technical Regulatory Trade Barriers

The Office of Trade Agreements Negotiations and Compliance (TANC)

Technical Regulatory Trade Barriers

U.S. trade agreements discipline foreign government use of regulatory requirements such as burdensome mandatory technical regulations, standards, and duplicative testing requirements as a means to prevent trade. TANC works to end trade barriers caused when foreign governments do not honor multilateral, regional, or bilateral U.S. trade agreement commitments.

Are you a U.S. Exporter facing any of the below common Technical Regulatory Trade Barriers?

  • Duplicative testing or certification requirements
  • Burdensome marketing, labeling, or registration rules
  • Lack of acceptance of your standards
  • Non-transparent, unclear, or non-science based technical regulations.

TANC has a team of experts ready to investigate and resolve your technical regulatory trade barrier.

Contact TANC to report a barrier by emailing, calling 202-482-1191, or by visiting our website at