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Wyoming Completion Technologies Begins Exporting to Kuwait

WCT Kuwait

Small Powell, Wyoming-based company Wyoming Completion Technologies (WCT) has been a long-time client of the US Commercial Service’s Denver office. This oil tool manufacturing and design firm has worked with Senior Trade Specialist Lana Lennberg to bring their equipment into various different international markets.

In 2019, WCT was looking for additional markets to enter and CS Denver suggested they take advantage of the Business to Business (B2B) matching program at the Offshore Technology Conference that year. One of the several B2B program meetings WCT had at the conference was with a potential buyer based in Kuwait. With collaborative follow-up counseling from both the CS Denver office and a commercial specialist in Kuwait, WCT was able to sign a contract with their potential Kuwaiti buyer. Expanding to this market was a great success for many reasons, the most important of which being that it provided the necessary resources for WCT to retain their full staff moving forward through 2019.

WCT’s alliance with CS Denver continues to provide new insight on productive events, opportunities, and connections that move forward their exporting goals.

“WCT is grateful for the support of the Denver Export Assistance Center. The B2B matching program at the Offshore Technology Conference and the advice of the USCS Nigerian delegation proved to be invaluable.” (Scott Hecht, President of Wyoming Completion Technologies).