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Turning the Yellow School Bus Green through Innovation

Image of a school bus on a street with children boarding it.

Since it first entered the transportation system in 1939, the yellow school bus has become iconic in communities across the United States. Every day, 25 million children across the United States are transported to school on the yellow school bus. While these old yellow school buses bring up memories and nostalgia, they also stir up a potent source of emissions coming from diesel fuel which 95 percent of school buses run on which have been found to be harmful to young lungs (and other adverse health impacts) and the planet.   

Ben Talamantez of San Antonio, Texas, began working with his area school districts and city government to tackle this problem in his community. He and a colleague tested and developed fuel converter technology that features an Emissions Control Optimizer (ECO) to increase the temperature of the fuel burn, which results in a reduction of fuel consumption, emissions, soot, and diesel from exhaust fluid. The device only takes 10 minutes to install, can reduce emissions up to 90%, and results in savings. The city was so pleased with the results that it worked with Talamantez to install the technology on firetrucks and emergency medical services vehicles, and eventually the business expanded to reach customers nationwide. 

Almost ten years later, Talamantez received a call out of the blue from an investor in Mongolia, Arafat Siyez, who saw his product online and wanted to distribute it within his market. They struck a deal. After seeing the success of the product in his country, Siyez wanted to join Talamantez to help the company go global. He joined Better Emissions as its Chief Marketing Officer and connected with the ITA’s local U.S. Commercial Service export assistance center in San Antonio to help the company expand its export footprint. ITA trade specialists provide market analysis, conduct buyer/seller research, identify export financing mechanisms, and offer trade missions that facilitate introductions with vetted and interested global investors. Through our global network of trade experts, we help to create healthy learning environments for our children, protect our environment, and support job creation and economic growth.

 “I keep pinching myself every day. In 10 months of working with the U.S. Commercial Service, I have generated over $3 million in sales to over 19 markets across 4 continents and created 25 immediate jobs,” said Talamantez. “It’s because of the [International Trade Specialists] Mike Rosales and Nat Jeudy that I’m living the American Dream everyday!” ITA is proud to help innovative businesses be a force for good. 

No matter where you are in the country, ITA has a local U.S. Export Assistance Center team that can help you meet your bottom line and increase sustainability. We have 100 local offices across the United States and 80 postings throughout the world that help companies of all sizes – including small businesses, startups, or minority-owned firms – forge connections that lead to jobs and sales. Find an office and get in contact with us today!