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Technologent’s Road to Export Success

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Technologent’s Road to Export Success

Technologent Receives Presidential E Award
Technologent Receives Presidential E Award

The U.S. Commercial Service serves a broad range of clients, across a gamut of industries, in their pursuit to access and succeed in international markets.

Establishing an export business requires market insights, knowledge of the exporting process, and an understanding of product regulations. Fortunately, Harvinder Mudahar, International Business Manager at Technologent, used her previous experience with the U.S. Commercial Service to guide the company towards growing its export expertise and capabilities.

“Five years ago, one of our customers approached us to help them with a global procurement opportunity across 72 countries,” said Mudahar. “Since our company had done limited global business, we approached the U.S. Commercial Service for some guidance. I had worked with U.S. Commercial Service at my previous company, and knew they had expertise for us to get started.”

In 2002, Tom Gallaway founded Technologent as a Sun Microsystems reseller, selling about $9 million in its first year. The company is now a $500M organization delivering global IT solutions and services with 240 employees across 19 offices and operating in seven countries.

Technologent works hands-on with customers to forecast best prospects for future project initiation. The company has also developed processes and established relationships with freight forwarding and logistic companies to better facilitate time-sensitive projects.

“Over the years we diversified our portfolio, as well as built out our professional services, and managed services practices, which now make up about one third of our total revenue and growing,” said Mudahar. “We empower our clients’ IT possibilities by optimizing operations, modernizing infrastructure, and transforming their digital business to deliver measurable results.”

In 2018, Technologent received the Presidential E-Award, a recognition given to companies that demonstrate four years of successive export growth, usually accompanied by a rising percentage of export sales within total sales.

“Achieving consistent success across several years does not come without challenges,” expanded Jim Mayfield, director of U.S. Commercial Service’s Orange County. “Every region and country offers unique challenges and opportunities for exporters. The nuances of export regulations within specific industries, culture, and language often add to the complexity of accessing a new market.”

“Many of the countries were not easy to export to, and customers did not want anything to do with the import process,” Mudahar stated. “We worked with the U.S. Commercial Service to understand import, and other country-specific trade requirements.”

Additionally, Technologent hired an Importer-On-Record (IOR) service, which aided the company in successfully navigating regulatory requirements in several countries.

Technologent’s business continues to grow alongside their export capabilities and sales, which consequently leads to more international projects. Currently, the company has several deals in the pipeline, with export options to Kuwait, India, and more.

Customers frequently approach us and ask us to ‘make it happen’ in countries with difficult import requirements, so overcoming these constant obstacles is very rewarding as we continue to grow our business worldwide.

“For me personally, the most satisfying export experience is when we deliver a product or solution without any hiccups along the way,” said Mudahar. “Customers frequently approach us and ask us to ‘make it happen’ in countries with difficult import requirements, so overcoming these constant obstacles is very rewarding as we continue to grow our business worldwide.”

Here is Mudahar’s advice for companies in the initial stages of formulating an international sales strategy:

  • Exporting is overwhelming in the early stages, but don’t give up! The process becomes easier and more significant as you learn the ropes of communication and other operations.
  • Figure out where you are exporting first, then learn the import laws and other requirements for that country.
  • Identify your resources. There are great tools and support at your fingertips, such as the U.S. Commercial Service, local District Export Councils (DECs) and Women in Trade International, Orange County (WITOC).

Achieve Your Goals with Local Export Assistance

Whether you are looking to make your first export sale, or expand into new markets, the U.S. Commercial Service has the expertise you need to identify and connect with lucrative opportunities to increase your bottom line. Contact the export experts at your local U.S. Commercial Service office today.


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