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Spectronics Resolves Customs Issue, Completes Sale to Japan

Family-owned Spectronics Corporation manufactures ultraviolet lamps and leak detection fluorescent dyes used in power plants, nuclear reactors, oil pipelines and industrial facilities. The firm distributes its products in over 95 countries, including Japan, and international sales represent 40% of total revenue.

Spectronics was doing business in Japan through a local distributor but had changed freight forwarders and its cargo was held up by customs at the Port of Osaka, Japan. The firm was being asked to release proprietary information to Japanese customs and contacted the U.S. Commercial Service with an urgent request for assistance.

Within 24 hours, the U.S. Commercial Service confirmed the legitimacy of the request and explained that, as importers with a new freight forwarder, Spectronics was required to provide the detailed information to the Japanese port authorities for customs clearance. This confirmation helped Spectronics to feel more comfortable about releasing sensitive information that is crucial to its competitive advantage and success in global markets. Furthermore, based on advice from the U.S. Commercial Service, Spectronics asked its legal team to put contractual safeguards in place to protect intellectual property.

The cargo was released and Spectronics was able to resolve the issue with its distributor and freight forwarder. “Your quick turnaround and information on Japan customs was exactly what we needed to get through this crisis,” said Spectronics Corporation Director of International Sales Daniel Tristan. ”Thankfully the shipment is now being imported and we resolved our issue with distributor.”

“Your quick turnaround and information on Japan customs was exactly what we needed to get through this crisis.” – Daniel Tristan, Director of International Sales, Spectronics Corporation.

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