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Reverse Trade Missions Support The Woodstock Academy’s Global Growth


The Woodstock Academy (WA), founded in 1801, is an independent, day and boarding, co-educational, college preparatory high school that serves students in grades 9-12 and postgraduates. Located in Woodstock, Connecticut, the academy has over 1,050 students, representing 24 countries and three states. The Academy works to combine travel experience, English language learning, extensive and all-encompassing course options, and activities and clubs to fit all students’ interests. The Woodstock Academy recruits students from other countries to come to the United States and experience the “American high school” feel. They pride themselves in providing their students with a sense of safety and building trust and relationships between faculty and students. As one of the oldest schools in the United States, The Woodstock Academy has withstood multiple setbacks, but attributes its long history and strong community to its adaptability and willingness to change as the world around them does. 

The U.S. Commercial Service in Middletown, CT has worked with The Woodstock Academy since 2013 providing services to support their international student recruitment strategy. One of those vital services the U.S. Commercial Service provides WA and other U.S. institutions is Reverse Trade Missions (RTM). The Woodstock Academy specifically participated in reverse trade missions with prospective partners from Mexico and Ukraine in particular. RTM’s offer the unique opportunity for education agents and consultants to visit campuses and interact with faculty, teachers, and international students. Additionally, these programs also help partners reinforce the educational, cultural, and social benefits of WA when speaking with perspective students. As a result, there has been a marked increase in enrollment numbers from these markets. 

“Using consultants provided us with information on not just the social aspect of why a student might want to come study in the United States but also how to communicate and form a good relationship with their families.” – Amy Favreau (Assistant Head of School for Enrollment)

“With the reverse trade mission, the best thing was being able to bring people to the campus, which is such a huge part for international students and their family, and it allowed us to make our meetings and trips valuable.” – Amy Favreau (Assistant Head of School for Enrollment)

The benefits of The Woodstock Academy and allowing students to spend a year or more outside of their home country to study in the United States opens a new world of academic and cultural enrichment that is not to be taken for granted. International students have control over their future and the ability to tailor their academic experience to fit their goals. The presence of an international student body at The Woodstock Academy also benefits the domestic student population. U.S. high school students gain the opportunity to connect with students from other areas of the world and form lifelong relationships with them. Additionally, The Woodstock Academy’s curriculum is enriched by the addition of different global perspectives and experiences being added to the conversation; benefiting all students present. The intersection of different cultures, languages, religions, and nationalities provides for a rich conversation and expanded understanding of the world. 

“For students of this age to get to study outside their home country, allows them a window into a different world where they form friendships with student from 25 other countries, which allows a much richer conversation in the classroom.” – Amy Favreau (Assistant Head of School for Enrollment)

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