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Pakistan Adopts Green Building Code Based on ICC International Codes

Pakistan’s adoption of internationally-renowned building codes could mean big business for U.S. climate and clean tech industries

In 2023, Pakistan announced the release of the Pakistan Green Building Code based on the International Code Council’s International Green Construction Code (IgCC). The ITA Market Development Cooperator program grant allowed ICC to work with the Pakistan Engineering Council to rollout these new building codes. The release of the Pakistan Green Building Code will help facilitate the annual export of $68 million in U.S. building products to Pakistan and position the U.S. industry for growth. 

High quality building codes such as the IgCC model code matter for U.S. industry competitiveness. U.S. building product manufacturers are familiar with ICC model building code requirements and are highly capable of achieving them, which supports industry competitiveness. High-quality U.S.-made building materials can meet the most demanding building codes. Tightening building codes means a safer, healthier, more climate-resilient built environment in more regions around the world. It also means U.S. products are less likely to have to compete with lower quality goods from other markets. U.S. industry groups can achieve similar results like the Pakistan example by proposing an innovative project for an MDCP award.

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