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Medical Supply Company Increases Sales to Turkey with Help From the U.S. Commercial Service

Myco Expands Sales to Turkey

Myco Instrumentation Source, Inc. (Myco) is a Bonney Lake, Washington-based business that has provided preowned medical equipment and laboratory instruments since 1978. The company offers high-quality refurbished equipment at affordable prices with the goal of improving the quality of healthcare around the world. 

Myco approached the U.S. Commercial Service in Seattle (CS Seattle) with the objective of increasing sales in Turkey. CS Seattle connected Myco with our colleagues in the U.S. Embassy in Istanbul, Turkey (CS Istanbul), who reviewed Myco’s information and researched the market on their behalf. CS Istanbul provided regulatory process information and delivered a customized contact list of prospects for Myco.

As a result of CS assistance, Myco successfully grew sales to Turkey.

Company President Bryan Biddulph said “I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the effort and support you provided to us last year. Last year we sold over 50 instruments in Turkey, and a lot of them were due to the assistance you provided. I can’t express enough my gratitude for your help. This has been a tremendous success story for U.S. Commercial Service for helping businesses like Myco expand internationally.”