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MDCP Partner IAPMO Opens Plumbing Certification Lab in Indonesia

IAPMO Plumbing certification lab

MDCP Partner IAPMO Opens Plumbing Certification Lab in Indonesia

Since 2016, Bekasi (Jakarta) in Indonesia is the home of a lab to certify that plumbing products comply with Indonesia’s new plumbing code. The new lab resulted from a Market Development Cooperator Program (MDCP) project. 

Prof Dr. Ir. Bambang Prasetya, MSc., Chairman of BSN, Indonesia’s national standards body, noted that the new standard and the certification facility allow manufacturers to demonstrate that their products are safe to use.

With Certification, Standards Provide Certainty That Enables Trade

With Indonesia’s newly adopted national plumbing standard, SNI 8153:2015, the lab certification of plumbing products allows architects, planners, builders, and building owners the certainty they need to choose the right products for the right applications.

Prior to the MDCP project, Indonesia lacked a proper plumbing code and certification process or facility. Even before the lab opened the standard alone had a significant effect on trade. Exports for 2017, the year after IAPMO established the code certification lab, U.S. exports to Indonesia tripled compared to 2016.