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Hope Industrial Systems Expands Globally

Hope Industrial Systems

Based in Roswell, Georgia and founded in 2000, Hope Industrial Systems (HIS) manufactures and markets rugged displays and touch screens that are housed in a variety of enclosures and can be placed wherever they are needed in a factory.  

The company’s goal was to directly export to its customers throughout the world as well as create a virtual presence in the United Kingdom (UK) from which the whole European Union could be served. The company understood this would involve local warehousing of inventory, import and inter-EU logistics, and a marketing presence including multiple language website coverage and local-hours sales and support staff. 

Over the 10 years since HIS became a U.S. Commercial Service (CS) client, HIS has received export counseling and participated in numerous export education seminars and CS services. By combining the CS International Expansion Blueprint service’s website globalization exercise with market research on the European Union, the company was able to use data to size up the EU market prior to creating a formal presence, eliminating much of the risk associated with establishing a virtual presence.  

Today, Hope Industrial Systems now counts 20% of its sales as international in nature, and exports to 60 countries with a significant presence in the EU, Canada, and Mexico.