Success Story
Cybersecurity Africa

Cybastion Advocacy

The Company 

Cybastion, based in Washington D.C., is a diaspora-owned cybersecurity firm and Cisco Systems partner. Cybastion, a small business, delivers solutions adapted to African countries, supporting a secure and reliable digital transformation. Cybastion partners with African countries to deliver a cutting-edge digital ecosystem, genuine network integrity, training and workforce development ensuring a secure, resilient, and reliable digital environment.

The Challenge

Cybastion has a long-standing relationship with the U.S. Commercial Service’s Northern Virginia office, and after presenting procurement bids in multiple African markets, was introduced to Prosper Africa and the Advocacy Center. Cybastion needed high-level assistance with market penetration and government-to-government engagement to win contracts and implement its cybersecurity ecosystem in West Africa.

The Solution

Throughout the government procurement process, the U.S. Government team counseled and guided Cybastion toward success. Prosper Africa and the Advocacy Center were instrumental in facilitating engagements with the government officials responsible for these projects. At the 2022 U.S. Africa Business Forum and Africa Leaders’ Summit, the U.S. government delivered messages of support in meetings to strengthen Cybastion’s bid.

The Result

Cybastion is now facilitating ten major multi-million-dollar cybersecurity export contracts in West Africa. These contracts are set to bolster the extension of digital platforms with robust cybersecurity protection and will be a driver for economic development and investment, organizational transparency, and human capacity building.

“The U.S. Government team and the Advocacy Center played a critical role in facilitating G2G engagement, which was necessary for Cybastion to win contracts and successfully penetrate the African market. The government procurement process can be daunting, but with the expert counsel and guidance provided by these teams, Cybastion was able to navigate it with ease. Their invaluable expertise and work resulted in phenomenal outcomes for our company. We highly recommend that other diaspora-led companies leverage these services to enhance their competitive edge in international markets”.
~Thierry Wandji, President