Success Story
Information and Communication Technology Mexico Market Access Advocacy

$250,000 Sale to Mexico Stalled; CS Diligence, Urgency Resolves Issue for CA Tech Company

“I was impressed by the professionalism and domain specific knowledge that the US Commercial Services was able to provide Rincon. Even more impressive though was the responsiveness and sense of urgency everyone we spoke to demonstrated. In an increasingly fast moving, competitive business environment the information provided was not only on point, but also provided in an impressively fast time frame that allowed us to meet our customer requirements on this initial shipment of $250,000 and created the opportunity to do even more business with the customer in the future.”  -Michael Bartling, Rincon Technology Inc.
Rincon Technologies

Rincon Technology (Rincon) of Santa Barbara, California, provides hardware and services to Telecommunication Carriers all over the globe.  

Confused about country-specific regulations required to ship its product to Mexico, Rincon sought assistance from the U.S. Commercial Service (CS) in Fresno. Rincon’s Mexican customer had requested confirmation of “NOM” product codes as part of the shipping requirements. Rincon conducted extensive research in its attempt to understand the NOM requirements for Mexico. However, they found that despite the vast amount of information available, much of it was complex and the guidance confusing. 

To help the company complete the shipment - worth $250,000 -  the CS Fresno staff made numerous connections for Rincon. They reached out to colleagues in CS Mexico, who produced a list of local customs brokers and also checked the HS codes for Rincon’s product against the NOM codes. Since Rincon’s product was  not on the list of products requiring NOM codes, the codes were not necessary for shipment. To ensure that Rincon was able to fully resolve the issue, CS staff also introduced Rincon to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency, and explained the benefits of Exim credit insurance to protect them while their shipment was pending. In the end, the company was able to successfully ship.