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135-Year Old Pump Company Expands European Distribution with CS Support

American Marsh

The American-Marsh Pump Group (AMP) manufactures pumps, electrical motors, mechanical seals and fire protection fittings, coupling and pumping equipment. Establish 134 years ago, located in Collierville, Tennessee,  AMP is one of the older pump manufacturers in the world. 

American-Marsh Pump, an active client of the Commercial Service for many years, reached out to CS-Memphis seeking assistance with locating distributors in Western Europe. Their goal was to expand sales in these important markets. AMG also requested Commercial Service assistance with navigating the visa system in order to bring foreign workers to the US for training purposes. 

U.S. Commercial Service staff in Memphis, TN worked with American Marsh Pumps to identify several markets with potential in Western Europe. As a result, CS Memphis connected American Marsh Pumps to colleagues in Frances, Italy and Spain to provide market intelligence services, and arrange matchmaking-support in-country. 

AMG was introduced to qualified trading partners through their utilization of the Gold Key and International Partner Search services delivered by Commercial Service staff in these locations. In addition, CS Memphis staff counseled the client through the U.S. visa process, to assist with training new, foreign employees. 

As a result of the matchmaking support provided by the U.S. & Foreign Commercial Service, American Marsh Pumps entered agreements and made sales to new distributors in France, Spain and Italy. The initial sales were valued at more than $200,000. AMP reported that their export growth helped them retain and increase employment in West Tennessee. 

“American-Marsh has been able to grow sales internationally by relying on the help and guidance from the Department of Commerce here in Memphis, Tennessee. They have been extremely knowledgeable in helping us use certain services available to U.S. businesses and helped us decide on which regions around the globe to concentrate on. We are a small business and having the expertise of this branch of government has been instrumental in our international growth.”
-Michael Florio, American-Marsh Pumps